Hiking With Knuffle Bunny.

My roommate and I hiked Switzer Falls in Bear Canyon… with my little green friend, Knuffle Bunny. Before anyone starts thinking “Aw Dear. Her little heart’s broken and now she’s a grown woman bringing stuffed animals everywhere…”, the Bunny belongs to the little girl I babysit. I tried explaining this to people along the trail. I’m pretty sure they were only humoring me with “Oh cool!” (And later “Dear Diary, a Sasquatch carrying a stuffed animal talked to me...”)

It is kind of comforting to hold a squishy terry cloth paw or ear in my hand. Hmm. Maybe it’s time for my own Knuffle Bunny.

Roommate and the yucca plant. A spikey ground shrub that sprouts these super tall blossoms. They’re called “ghosts in the graveyard” in the midwest. Here, they remind me of my neighborhood taco stand.

The road to the trail is full of roadsters and motorcycle gangs.

Here’s Knuffle Bunny. Ready to go, just before a pit stop at the bathroom which was just an enclosed, glorified hole.There are brilliant orange, yellow and white flowers on the trail. Chris and I discuss how we have friends who would be able to name all the different species. I just like taking photos. Bunny takes a sniff.

I gently wrangle the Bunny, by the ears. 

At the half-way point, tucked in the canyon, there’s a waterfall. People stop for lunch (I’m fascinated by all the different ethnicities represented and how their food is a perfect representation of their countries), there are a few dogs bounding through the stream (– super interested in Bunny…), and a very brave couple treks to the top of the falls and slides down on their bums. The girl screams bloody murder.Knuffle Bunny takes a dip.

Bunny air-dries on the hike back to the picnic area. And we drive the twisty wind-y path back to Highway 2. I try not to look down in the car and activate my “curvy road barfs”.

We talk about the trail and its great variety (vistas, creeks, waterfalls, sun, shade, incline, flat). And how next time, we wanna bring a picnic to eat at the base of the falls (we are both German, so I guess it’ll have to be shnitzel). And metal underpants so that I can slide down the falls on my bum, too. Chris says it’s probably not so bad — its a quick slide. The water carries you. I agree. And I gently pat my precious cargo (read: badonkadonk) and think about wearing multiple layers of granny panties instead.


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