Spitfire Girl.

This is my favorite “curiosity shop” EV-ER. Spitfire Girl. And they just recently opened their second location in El Los Feliz, dangerously close to my apartment… If my bank account weren’t nicknamed “McDwindles” right now, I’d scoop up everything in the place.

Kristin (the Spitfire herself), keeps the store chock full of her own creations, as well as bits and bobs from other local artists and a few of the usual suspects (Areawear, Thomas Paul). Jewelry, taxidermy, perfume, cameras, ceramics, stationery (*Everyone I know is getting this for Christmas), art books, paper dolls…

This is the best postcard. It says: “And so after the shark attack, he got a peg leg, an eye patch, and a hook for a hand. And they called him “Lucky”. And I was like, “Fuck that shit,” and flew off.”

I’m gonna check out the show tomorrow nite (at their Sunset location). Art and a glass of wine on their back patio. Sounds like summertime to me.


All images by Spitfire Girl. Items on my wishlist: 1. A Love Grenade coin bank 2. Elizabeth Knight’s seahorse necklace 3. Gun mug 4. Max & Morris ketchup and mustard bottles 5. I Love Your Guts necklace 6. Gnome container 7. Diana camera  8.Vintage fatigued canvas and leather purse 9. Antelope horns.

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