Doing LaLa Land with: Kitty Cattaraugus

I spent a hot, sunny afternoon (in a very dark bar) with the Kitty Cattaraugus. If she’s not kindly letting me pick her brain (and snap her pics) over boooozy cocktails at Drawing Room in Los Feliz, she’s concocting witty, brilliant bloggery here.

I first caught up with her at Rudy’s Barbershop on Sunset, where she was cuttin’ some fresh bangs. She gave me a gluten-free cookie to eat while I waited for her. I ate it slowly like a concentrating hamster. We walked (- and in the hot sun, even!) down the street for lunch at Forage (…mmm delicious…) She ordered their savory roasted chicken while I had a feast of broccoli, bean and green salads. For a millisecond, we considered coffee, but daytime cocktails quickly won over. There’s something irresistibly thrilling about drinking at high noon. We had a lovely time.

Our conversation tripped and weaved around our thoughts about livin’ the single high life in LA. Online dating. Men. Man-babies (the worst!). Our sweet rock-n-roll bartender (this is her) set us up with a couple “gummy bear” shots. And a few regulars got up the liquid courage to approach us. After a while, we were getting their unsolicited advice on our love lives. A favorite of most single gals: When a stranger asks “Why are YOU still single?” Sigh. The real question should be me asking “How’d you trick someone into marrying YOU, Creepster.” 

I begged Kitty to tell me everything she knows about LA. A Minnesota girl, she’s lived here 5 years, is currently running around car-less (!) and has an aesthetic that I quite adore. Thank you Kitty!

Kitty’s Best of LA:

1. The Hall at Palihouse. A bit of an “urban long-stay lodge” nestled in West Hollywood, combining luxury boutique with neighborhood haunt. Kitty recommends stopping in for a cocktail. “It feels like you’re hanging out in someone’s basement.” Palihouse

2. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie Screenings. Wildly popular sultry summertime cinema. Bring your picnic basket, a blanket and some friends (not the canine kind). Tickets and schedule: Cinespia

3. Machine Project. A gallery space used for a myriad of different purposes (It was once turned into a mossy forest!). In the least, consider it “bad performance art, a.k.a charades for adults”. At best, you just bought yourself a cheap beer at a one-of-a-kind show! You’re welcome. Machine Project 

4. Sarah Jessica Parker’s blotting tip. For the misty-faced gal on a budget: Next time you’re on the john, snag an extra one of those seat covers to dab your T-zone. Stars – they’re just like us!

5. Prado. Next door to Machine Project, it rounds out a cheap date with a cheaper post-show beer. Prado

6. Sayonara, stressin’ out. Kitty’s tips for staying mostly sane in this town are as follows: A. Take a breath, B. Hum “Casta Diva” to yourself, C. Listen to some Mitch Hedberg, D. Clip your iPod to your skivvies and have yourself an underwear dance party. *With or without additional dancers.

7. The outdoor garden at The Getty. Kids rolling down hills, picnics, wine, green space that’s actually green, pomegranate and passion fruit trees, chives, bougainvillea, views. Robert Irwin designed the grounds to constantly change. You’re gonna wanna pack a picnic for every season. The Getty

8. Los Angeles, itself. People watching, movies filming on your doorstep, neighborhoods mere steps away. The excitement that comes with “craziness knowing no time or place”.

9. Mockingbirds that imitate car alarms. (I’m pretty sure she mentioned this. I had maybe sipped a few vodka crans by this point. But, like the gnomes from my 2nd grade field trip, I know in my heart they exist…)




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