Sister Baby Bump.

I am not a baby person. I don’t currently have the desire to possess my own helpless likeness. Nor do I feel the urge to dig my hands into every passing stroller for a quick oochi-goochie-goo.


She sent me this picture, cropped at the cankles (which she doesn’t have…). I hope she’s not mad about me posting it (- Are you, Butter?? You’re friggin adorable!)

Bear with me while I brag about how much I love my sister. I love her. A LOT. One of the things that straight up sucks about living on the opposite coast from my entire family, is that I miss out on things. This being one of them. (This is the first time I’m seeing her belly and she’s due in under 8 weeks!). I wish I could be there for all the moments in “Future Niecephew’s” life. But I already know I won’t be. This will be a baby that grows up fast and on the internet, for me. There are fingers crossed for lots of Skype, plane trips when we can make them, iPhone photos, a miraculous fortune that I can spend on onesies. It’s hard.

My sister and I are very close. We share the same Bday week (Which we always celebrate – now, by choice. When we were kids and got “sharing presents”, we secretly resented the crap out of each other for being born.) I was 3 and she was 0 and it was a bit of a rocky start, being replaced by something cute and full of eyelashes. But we got to know each other as people. Through years and years of shopping, sharing secrets and fisticuffs. She went to college, met a great guy, got married, bought a house, got a career, bought another house, and is now having a baby. Somewhere in there, we kind of switched roles: She took on “wiser, stable, life-experience sister” and I took on “bumbling-thru-trying-stuff sister”.

She has developed a protective thing, for me. I think she could truly throw down should she run into any of my ex’s on the street. (Be warned, readers I’ve dated.) And she always has something thoughtful and loving to say about any given circumstance. “He’s an asshole” and such. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid of being replaced again, by this little baby. Somehow I have nestled into the comfortable crux of my sister’s arm and a little part of me worries that she won’t always be there for me, like she is now.

But then I really think about it. If we’ve gone through all this life stuff together, why would this be different? So what if Niecephew’s face is like the cutest button with the biggest batting lashes, rosy chubbster cheeks and flirty smile. I hope s/he sweeps us all off our feet. And becomes a truly amazing human being.

Also, I’m pretty sure Niecephew will be keeping my sister up at ALL kinds of hours, so this Pacific v Eastern time zone thing might not be such a bad deal! She’ll be drunk on sleeplessness and I’ll just be drunk. Bingo.

Honestly, I just want a kid that will fly to see “The Crazy Aunt in LA” on occasion. And bring Mom of course. (Alright – and Dad, and also Grandma and Grandpa…). Maybe Niecephew will actually bring us all just a little bit closer. Hmm. Niecephew, I am in love with you already.


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