Barney and I meet again…

He’s baa-aaaack.

I booked my first commercial in LA! I will not be dressed as a purple dinosaur! Nor will I get a trip to England! It will include my face and be for PBS Sprout  and shoot in LA. It will have something or other to do with Barney, but I’m not sure exactly what…

Sorry this is so disjointed. I’ve worked 22 hours at my art job, since Monday. My eyeballs are crawling out of my head and punching me in the cheeks. But first, two things: ONE, My Dad once kindly dressed up as Barney for a kid bday party and I remember walking up the street with him in the costume. Even though I knew I was having a conversation with my Dad, I’m betting the people driving by did not. And TWO,

I don’t remember what I was going to write.

I drank too much coffee today. Like, I chain-smoked coffee. It’s free at work and it tastes like France and chocohazelcakes. Not only did it rip me a new lower intestine, it has now begun a swift coffee-botomy and my brain is a willing victim.

I should go to bed.

This thing shoots Friday! And you KNOW I’ll be collecting the best stories to reveal on here with you… (Wink!)




2 thoughts on “Barney and I meet again…

  1. Congrats!!! I hope it plays here so we can TiVo it and Grace can she her Aunt Lauren hanging out with her favorite purple dino! You make me laugh every morning. I miss u. Xo

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