Frenchies in swings.

My brain is a shriveled raisin (smaller than a regular raisin). But it’s FRIDAY! And I could watch these Frenchies for the rest of time. Like those tappy balls executive people keep on their desks.

I’m on set today with Sprout! And doing a bunch of random stuff this weekend with a girlfriend in town (yay!). More LAX-ploration…!

We’ll kick things off by sleeping in the same bed. Someday, I’ll have a guest room. And then still have close friends sleep in my bed with me. (They can put their cute outfits in the other room.)



PS, The other day, I accidentally blocked a woman from turning across my stopped lane of traffic and our open windows aligned in the middle of the street and she said “Nice move, lady. NICE MOVE” and still managed to squeeze her way through. I laughed. Better than reaching across and punching her (I’ll show you some moves). Driving here makes you talk like a crazy person. But it’s not every day that you get to hear how you’ve changed someone’s life! (Heart!)

Talk to me, Baby.

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