Ladies about the town.

Ok, so I started writing this post and then wasn’t able to finish it. But I had scheduled it to be published— and then voila! Pictures and no real story to go with it! Winner! So, I’m editing it right now. A short explanation of these fabulous photos. Weee!

My friend Haley was in town to do her actress thing — workshops, networking, shmoozery (and also a little shopping…Her necklace is vintage and fabulous!) — and also hang out with me and fall asleep discussing the finer points of life. Me “I don’t know why…. boys…..” Haley “I’m falling asleep” Both of us “zzzzzz”.

Highlights included: almost adopting a wild Chihuahua that was loose and collarless on Santa Monica Blvd, dinner and cocktails at Chateau Marmont Bar (and some spectacular people watching), and also the time I tried to take her to brunch at Sidewalk Cafe in Venice and drove all the way there, got stressed about making it back for my improv class, and then drove all the way back into town without even getting out of the car. Haley is a good sport. She totally accepts my mania.

That is straight up Dinah Washington on cassette on Abbott Kinney Blvd. I think this tune of hers suits the scene…

Haley rocks hinged rings on every finger. Brass knuckles with chic n girly twist. (Still badass, of course.)

Hope she can make it back to town soon!




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