Live on stage at El Cid.

I’m in a show tonight at El Cid if anybody wants to swing by! If you’ve been there before, there will be way less flamenco dancing than you’re used to. This will be improv. We go on at 10p and we’d love for some laughing people to be in the audience! Enjoy a margarita and perhaps a burrito with your friends.

Here is a photo of people watching our last show. (Not really. They’re attendees of the 2008 NYU Epilepsy Conference. But the hair-do’s make it look like they’re there to have some fun.)





4 thoughts on “Live on stage at El Cid.

  1. Wish. I. Could. Be. THERE!
    My face is currently looking like the conference faces because I’m so far away. Pooh!
    But you make me laugh all the time just in convo.

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