Brunch at the Roozy.

It’s important to feel fabulous on occasion. Especially if it’s your friend Crystal’s almost birthday. And especially if you have a half-off Travelzoo voucher for brunch at Public Kitchen & Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. HOLD THE PHONE — esPECIALLY— if there are bottomless elderflower bellinis involved. Which there were. In total, about 40 – 50.

Mini scones, salmon tartine, duck confit hash and crab cake benedict. Yes, I went off the no dairy/gluten wagon. And YES, I ate poached eggs for the first time ever. (I famously hate soft eggs). And I was feeling adventurous. They were super awesome pretty good!

We closed things down with salted caramel and chocolate puddings. Little cups of heaven… salty, sweetie heaven.

Crystal chic. Lauren…face. I loved her lipstick that day, so I wanted this photo to say “LIPS”! And also “ROOS HO”!

On to more fabulousness…



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