Movies with dead people.

That’s me in an AmyWendy sandwich, doing my best Rock eyebrow while waiting for “The Jerk” to start at Hollywood Forever Cemetery! The creepiest bits were the Russian headstones with faces etched into them. Good ole Natasha, RIP, staring ahead pensively. Or super old Babushka, with her thick glasses and her seriousness. Dearly departed, why not go with the hot pic of you on the beach when you were twenty. Un-live a little.

Here’s how it all goes down at the cemetery, thanks to Cinespia who presents the films there. Get in line around 6p. You won’t be first. There are people there at 4:30p, camped out on blankets, drinking and eating and enjoying their smug punctuality. Screw them. You’re there in plenty of time. And yes BRING SNACKS. There’s wine available inside the gates, but you’ll wanna bring something cheaper – along with some dangerously delicious Trader Joe’s pickins. We did a little: sweet strawberries and figs, white bean and basil hummus, baguette, curly potato things, honey and sesame cashews and shut the **** up dark chocolate, sea salt and turbinado almonds.

We all felt a little tipsy barfy, but we were happy. THEN, we got into the gate! Someone brought an actual, large, heavy duty coffee table to eat on. We brought blankets. Next time, maybe some kind of small light source would be good.

I’d never seen “The Jerk” before. And it was the perfect tone for the evening. Everyone was in the mood to laugh and I definitely blinked back some tears at this song. Ugh. Stupid in love-ness.

Fun fact: My Mom was Brigitta in “The Sound of Music” opposite Bernadette Peters’ Liesl. Bernadette even invited my Mom into her dressing room for a little guitar jam sesh. Another alumnus of that PA summer stock theatre: Charlton Heston. Therefore, me, my Mom, Bernadette, Charlton and Kevin Bacon are related.

Emma Stone was in the audience for movie nite. I happened to walk behind her and two friends, on the way to my blanket spot. I thought “Huh – it would be funny if I accidentally spilled my wine on her and we struck up a fun conversation”, after which I immediately stepped into a hole and spilled wine on myself.

Here is our white bean and basil hummus-inspired photo shoot.  You know you’re a model when you can rock a Berkeley hoodie over your cute summer maxi dress and not look frumpa-dumpa. Oh, and Amy also acts and is very funny. So. You can hate her now (wink!). *I’m currently in love with Wendy’s pants.

Can’t wait for our next girl’s nite in the cemetery!



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