Don’t shoot.

You’re a sniper. Who gets it first?

A. The man in the ill fitting suit jacket.
B. The woman just bummin’ some smokes.
C. Sherman Hemsley.

*This is an actual police shooting target – I love it – available here!

Next up, two guns, two mustaches and jazz haaaaands. Shoot!

I’ll be taking a lesson at LAX Firing Range and I’m just…preparing. I went to a firing range once with my friend on Valentine’s Day. A perfect celebration! It’s scary, holding a heavy loaded gun until you realize how awesome you are at aiming. By the end of my last session, I was putting earring holes in my target’s ears… Well, I’m not gonna shoot him where he could be seriously injured! Just cosmetic shots.

And maybe I put one in his medulla oblongata.



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