I’m moving in with Helena Christensen.

After my third visit, snooping up on art books and expensive magazines I totally want, I felt like I should maybe splurge a little and buy a book at the bookstore. So I did. Don’t tell Taschen, but I bought this:

And goodness me, it is divine. I love this type of interior design. People living in their friggin homes. Not rich people pictured in high rises they don’t actually occupy. Or creative tree-dwellers who cook fireflies over a campfire (What?!). Of course there’s a little of this (it is styled, afterall) and goshdarnit, if it doesn’t make you wanna straighten your wall art:

But here’s the real meat and potatoes. (If you’re from PA, that’s a good thing. You also like ham loaf, whoopie pies and scrapple, but we’ll talk about that another time.)

HELENA CHRISTENSEN’S I-want-to-get-in-it New York apartment. Shut. Up. It’s beautiful. And so is she, but she’s a model, so… obviously.

All she eats is bread, apples and sugar. Just like Snow White.

It makes me feel like you can be a creative person, in a creative space, and organize your soulful mess into something inspiring, thoughtful and personal. Squee! Also, I like to think of my future as having these elements in it: Puppy, photographs of my well-traveledness with lovely friends, Big Apple digs, conch shells on tables. By Jebus, you can have it all!



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