Back by popular demand: THE NAIL CLIPPER.

This is the world’s worst spy movie. And I feel kinda bad about taping him. BUT. He is kinda asking for it by not clipping his nails in a normal place. Like the subway. Or at work. *Personally, I prefer to clip my nails in the privacy of my own bathroom. But I also do other weird things like shampoo my hair in the shower. And floss regularly.

I was concerned he could see my hand, the camera (or ME, creepily lurking), so I’m all timid in the beginning. But I want you to hear the clipping. I become a brave filmmaker a few seconds later. Then a scaredy cat again.

All for you guys…



5 thoughts on “Back by popular demand: THE NAIL CLIPPER.

  1. At least he clips them. My husband bites his while he is driving and spits them up on the dashboard. Don’t tell him I told on him.

  2. The guy who sits next to me at work would clip his nails AT HIS DESK. Pretty much every day. At first I thought he had mutated rapid-growing fingernails but it turns out he was using cuticle clippers for the job. The sound of it absolutely chilled my blood. I finally couldn’t handle it and staged an intervention.

    This is my life.

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