My new crush.

He’s here! Lil Hudson arrived Sunday morning! By merely farting, eating and crying his way into the world, he is already charming the pants off of all of us. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that he’s my sister’s baby. So crazy. My mind is blown wide open. So is my heart. I never thought a baby would make me feel so melty and smiley.

My sister texted me Saturday nite to let me know things were beginning. I was at a friend’s gallery show, 3000 miles west and 3 hours behind her. I had a few cocktails by this point. Here’s what happened on our iPhones:

Sept 3, 9:20pm (west coast time)
Les: Water broke…being admitted to the hospital! Aaah!
Me: Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Omg!! I love you!! You’re gonna kick baby having ass!!!

Sept 3, 11:11pm
Les: I hope so!
Me: What happened when your water broke?
Me: [RECAP GROSSNESS]??? This is a whole new world.
Les: It’s seriously nasty…
Me: Are you trying to sleep now? Are you in pain, you bloody mess?
Les: The contractions started and they def hurt. Going to try to rest.
Me: To contrast this, I’m at a gay bar. But I have my period, so it’s similar. OK. I love you.

Sept 4, 3:28am
Me: I’m sleeping w my phone on my head.
Les: I just woke up from kind of sleep…
Me: Keep sleeping while you can… this is the last you get, for 18 years.
Les: Thanks for that. Haha!

A few hours later, I got a text from my Mom with a picture of the smallest human being I’ve ever seen! Followed by a phone conversation with my sister:
Me: “Hey!!”
Les: “Hey!!”
Me: “Oh my God! You just had a baby! Out of your vagina!”
Les: “You’re tellin’ me...”



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