Killing time in India.

I had a couple hours to kill before meeting a friend after work one nite. So naturally the first thing that came to my mind was: INDIAN MARKET.

I always wanted to visit the shop on Los Feliz Blvd – and with the sweet taste of Indian culinary confidence – I thought, tonight is the night. I’ll get some bulk spices or something. Some chana masala! (I just said that with an Italian accent and my thumb and ring finger touching, mid air.)

I was immediately smitten with the kitchen supplies. Tiny metal pots. Other little pots for other things. Gold bowls. Hot pink tea sets. To my left, a wall of shoes. Most of them shiny and crazy strappy. Incense. Linens. DVDs (and maybe a couple VHS). Giant bags of rice. Beans. Spices. Who uses this much cayenne!! I loved it. Care Bears Gummi Bears, fresh produce, Indian beauty products. I was losing my mind…

And then I began to think I was losing my mind. Was their music skipping? It was a melodic woman’s voice, repeating a phrase that sounded to me like “Home Nuh Muh Shee Buyyyyyy…” *For any of you who are up on Indian culture, I pray thee. Humor me as you watch me discover India.

After 15 minutes of the same thing repeating and repeating, I began to think I was being converted. My casual window shopping would turn into a one way ticket to India and a quick wedding with a thousand in-laws. I decided to be a big girl and ask what the song was.

Me: “Excuse me, can I ask what song this is? (Point to heaven and make a slow finger-circle in the air)”
Mexican produce guy I didn’t realize was Mexican until he turned around: “…Eh song?”

Adding in a third language wasn’t the solution. I continued to listen and get the church giggles. S.O.S., good people! What is happening to all of us in this store!! (Here is a clip of me, a true ambassador (not at all!), trying to look like I’m shopping):

In my defense, it had been playing for 20 minutes by that point. (And maybe it’s an odd choice for shopping music?) I asked an Indian man what it was and he kindly offered “Lord Shiva’s Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya.” Ah-ha!

I picked up a few things: Chinese honey in a glass I will totally use for orange juice later, Jasmine tea in a tin I will totally use for cotton balls later, and dry garbanzo beans. Which I will totally forget to soak and try to eat like rocks later.

I love the Indian market.



4 thoughts on “Killing time in India.

  1. That sounds amazing! I have to go there with you sometime and look at the DVD’s. There is a Bollywood movie I have been wanting for years but instead of just looking it up online like a normal person I have just been waiting for it to appear somewhere. It might appear here!

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