“Zombie In Love” art show!

This is what I was up to when my sister was having a baby. Kicking around in my heels, looking through some incredibly sweet, funny art by Scott C for his new book Zombie In Love. Fans came decked out in haute “zombie prom” — frothy dresses, leisure suits and blood running down their chins. There was punch to be drunken, worms, dirt and brain cake to be snacked on, brilliant original artwork to be procured – *if it hasn’t been snatched up already – all while meeting the artist himself!

Secret confession: I want Scott C to draw me my own worm. (I like zombies ‘n brains, but the worm’s the cuuuuutest!) If you’re in LA, get off your caboose and check out the show! Online at Gallery Nucleus.


Talk to me, Baby.

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