Getting hit on by Mexicans.

The back of my car got hit by a couple a Mexicans in a pick up on Santa Monica Blvd last weekend. We all had insurance, so everything was taken care of quickly and amicably, by the side of the road, as I listened to other drivers cruise over the remnants of my tail light.

Driver: “Theeese thing happen…”
Me: “Ha – um, I’m probably the one that’s supposed to say that to you, here, but it’s ok. Can I get your name?”
Driver: “Mario (SpanishLastName).”
Me: “Ok, what’s your phone number?” He slides me his card. “Ok, here’s my info…” (A lot of writing is going on.)
Me (to passenger guy): “OK, what’s your name?”
Passenger: “Alex (Different SpanishLastName).”
Passenger: “What’s your name?”
Me: “….Lauren.”
Passenger: “Your phone number?”
Me: “5………..(He has his cell phone out)…….wait. Do you just want it to have it?”
Passenger: (Nodding yes)
Me: “Nooooooo! NOOOO, no no no…nice try.”

Serendipitously, they hit me mere inches from where that hobo head butted my car. SO! I think the whole thing will be getting fixed! Jellybean (that’s my car) = back to normal!

With his brand new tires and maybe another fresh wash, we’ll just be two girls out on the town. He’s a boy, but he’s obviously quite the wing man.



2 thoughts on “Getting hit on by Mexicans.

  1. A hobo head butted your car? Did that happen on Avocado? Because Sean parks over there are some wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeiiiirrrrrrrd stuff happens to his car, like his antennae being snapped off and a large mysterious dent appearing on the trunk (possibly the work of hobos).

    • Brigette! That’s super weird…(and sucky)! While I wouldn’t rule out Avocado St Hobos, the dent in my car happened while I was in class on Santa Monica Blvd. — Which is quickly becoming the unsafest street in LA for my little car! Haha.

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