Addicted to Hairroin.

If you have hair like mine (long, thick, straw-y…. one time I played my cello with it), you can go a long time in between haircuts. But it quickly becomes too long and suddenly you find yourself pacing the streets with a nest-like beast on your head, grabbing strangers by the arm “Hey. Hey! Come on – cut my hair for me PLEASE… I swear it’s just this once — you got some thinning shears in that bag, lady?!” (Rabies mouth-frothing).

So, I made an appointment with Hairroin in Hollywood. I have had one other haircut in LA. And it was a bad one in Silverlake. I was worried that this would be another expensive crapshoot. (Cut/Color for me runs somewhere in between $1 – $Infinity). As soon as I met my stylist Zach – who was smiles and kindness and knowledgeability, I felt more at ease. He cut my hair so that it moves, he listened to all my weird descriptions of what I love/hate and offered relevant suggestions, and he doused me in the richest, most beautiful brunette. (Sayonara, stress grays!)

We also talked about how we need sugar daddies. (But are there hot, young ones? Or are they all old and brittle…)

I left loving my hair. I never feel like that when I leave the chair. Usually I feel like I’ve just been freed from prison. This time, my hair had a flirty little bounce in its step. Zach is amazing. You will love however many hours you spend with him. Hairroin is moving into Space15Twenty in November, so you can get your hair did, get your shop on at Free People, Urban, grab a burger at Umami… the world is your hairy oyster!

Here’s a sneak preview of what I predict will trend this season:

Bonus: you can easily move the connecting spot above your lip and have instant mustache hair hoodie! (Or just do like me and use your regular mustache!) Step aside, hipsters!!



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