DIY: Walk of Fame.

I was walking to the Hollywood Trader Joe’s after work one day when I came upon the crumbly star of Franklin Pangborn on Sunset and Vine. Crushed by a bulldozer, lurking nearby. So many pieces. Itty, bitty, loose pieces.

So, naturally, I took one. A tiny memento of great significance. To Franklin — and to me. I wanna be on that walkway someday. Growing up in PA, ignorant of any and all Hollywood lore, I believed each celebrity was buried under their star. Vertically. In the sidewalk. I wish I would have voiced this theory to my parents or some other wise person. (I believed it for a really long time!) I still think about it, although things fall apart when living celebrities are honored.

There are some blank stars along the Walk. And what you can do is grab a Sharpie and get to it! Like the “421 Group”. No need to earn your fame through years of failures and successes. Make that sh*t happen for yourself. Today!

Here is my loot. I have the little rock tucked next to my plastic “Best Me” Oscar. And my fake million dollar bill. And my Actors Equity pin. And some random string that may have floated there on its own accord. It’s becoming an “I can do it good” shrine to my hopes and dreams.

Gotta start somewhere…



2 thoughts on “DIY: Walk of Fame.

  1. My fav part from Pangy’s wiki page: “He typically played an officious desk clerk in a hotel, a self-important musician, a fastidious headwaiter, an enthusiastic birdwatcher, and the like”. Awesome.

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