Hangin with the little man.

My nephew and I cry it out.

I’m baa-aaaack! I’ve missed you guys! And I’m sorting through about one gillion photos from my trip to the east coast (I like to take the pictures!). I had a lovely time with my family, going on adventures, sharing meals, just being together. It makes me realize how much I miss them. And where I get my crazy-parts. (All adorable characteristics, of course!)

I thought I’d start things off by introducing you to my nephew Hudson! He is SO TINY! Well, he’s regular baby sized, but…TINY!! It’s amazing that we all started out that small with the little fingernails and the crying about everything. *I’m the same now, except my fingernails are adult-sized. I spent a few days with him at my sister’s in Baltimore. He is a baby shaped portable heater. He smells nice. And he’s fun to kiss on the head.

I tried to help out where I could: I made salmon for dinner that set off the smoke alarm, I clogged the shower drain, I ate all their food, drank their booze. I’m the best! (It was just the dill on top of the salmon that was on fire…)

That’s me, carting Hudson around the market. Giving my sister a break, but also demonstrating how easy it is to be a mom! Just put him in that carrier thing and voila! I don’t know why my sister’s so tired — this is a breeze! (My arm gets a cramp, I hand him over to Les, sit down, relax with a glass of wine and do not respond to crying because she is handling all of it.)

Oh wait. Being an Aunt is what’s easy… Especially if your nephew’s a winner!

That’s right. I know — We’re all very proud.

Hudson also met his great grandparents for the first time, in Lancaster, PA. He impressed them by sleeping and farting occasionally.

Pop-Pop gets a turn as baby holder.

My Dad watches the game on my grandparents’ TV which turns off at random. Hence, the double-fisting of the remotes.

Here Hudson is with Ma-Ma (we pronounce it Maw-Maw). He also does a really great old man face.

It’s amazing how fast he’s growing. In just days his cheeks got chubbier (cuuuuute). I loved watching my sister and brother in law take care of him. They love him beyond measure. My whole family does. I also love that my sister changes his #2 diapers with a crinkled nose and “yucky” face. And that she’s delighted by him. My favorite phrase of the visit is hers, when Hudson furrows his brow just before he launches into a fussy crying fit “Don’t over-think it.”

I’ve got so many treats for you this week! You’re going to think I’m mentally insane afterward, but I think we’ll all agree it was worth it.



Want more Hudson? You got it, right here

5 thoughts on “Hangin with the little man.

  1. Omg! I loved this!!! Thank u for sharing these photos!! Hudson is simply amazing and I’m so glad u had fun on your visit! We gotta catch up. I miss u. Xoxo.

  2. As a friend of Les and Heath who is literally counting down the days til she gets to meet this lil man in person … THANK YOU for the preview! You’re a riot — does Les have you to thank for her sense of humor? :)

  3. Lauren – I LOVED this! The sweetness of a newborn, your narration and twist of humor … I either call for someone closeby and say, “Heh, you gotta see this” or simply close it with a smile. :)

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