A little indulgence.

Oh, I’m not done with Lancaster…

These are a few of my pics from downtown. Queen Street, King Street…walking distance from the square.

We visited The Candy Factory  (Sorry, sweet tooths — it’s a social creative space, not a chocolate shoppe) to check out my friend Amelia Polys’ photography as part of a 3D photo exhibit. YEAH – You had to wear the glasses to get the full effect. The first image is by Taylor Brown and here is Amelia’s…

That’s one of her pieces, with my 3D glasses in front of it. So you can feel like you were there…

Then we did a bit of exploring in one of my favorite vintage shops, Mommalicious (in partnership with My Aunt Debbie jewelry). Both of these ladies craft and curate some yummy little items…

We strolled past the radio station where my Grandpa had his weekly radio show…

A little cozy pick-me-up… gingerbread and toasted marshmallow lattes in the cafe at Bonbonniére. And maybe I bought a tin of drinking chocolate WHAT who said that?!

I think my Mom’s hands are really beautiful. They’re soft and kind.

I took a moment to type a profound message on the ole Royal typewriter in the cafe. “I’m in Lancaster with my family”. And I typed it like a T-rex.

Before you go – one more pic for the road…



8 thoughts on “A little indulgence.

      • Well, you know I think so but I hear you may have someone else you consider in the cutest category.
        We sat next to the B. parents in a restaurant recently but I didn’t figure they needed for me to go down the “remember me?” route while they ate.
        I am B and A Co’s mom, btw.

        • I figured you were!! And I may have my opinions on who the cutest kids in the world are, but when I know when I see a super cute one who isn’t related to me ;)

          And you were sitting next to my parents? Next time, DEFINITELY talk to them. My sister and I have said so much how we love your girls, growing up. Those two are brilliant and funny and honest. The best. ;)

  1. You are so sweet.
    We were in Fork N Spoon when we saw them. They looked like they were having a fun time conversing with each other so I didn’t want to interrupt.
    I found your blog back when I was trying to figure out when you would be on Howie’s game show. When I heard the format, I knew that you were doomed to lose, having been raised with scruples and such. Unlike someone else we saw. Dang it!

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