Gravestones and a Wedding Dress.

Tonight (cue Halloween music — so, I guess, Monster Mash?), on this, the advent of All-Hallows-Eve, I am attempting a feat few women before me have achieved. Among the costumed revelers of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, I will attempt the most daring, most dangerous, most balls-to-the-wall display of fiery rebellion. I will cast down my garters, my go-go boots, my vinyl corset, my falsies! I will become….


And she will not be beautiful!

*(Please do not attempt this at home. It might not even work. It’s possible that the mere act of putting on a plaid skirt transforms even the most well-intentioned, into, at least, a slutty field hockey player. But I’ll document it for you, of course…)

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m posting some pics from an old church graveyard in Lancaster, PA. With dates in the 1700’s, these folks will be itching to stretch out those legs, for a nite…

My Mom gave me her wedding dress, which I brought back to LA with me. It’s a gorgeous gown that she wore as a fresh-faced 21 year old with a pixie cut in 1974. Here are a few pics of me, modeling it.
Nostalgia turned swiftly to terror in this next photo. I do not embody the same youthful hope that my Mom did, in her wedding photos. I look more like….well, yeah. Every single horror film you’ve ever seen.

 So naturally, I married the two. Wedding dress, meet graveyard.
 Happy Halloween! I gotta go back-comb my hair into a frizz nest.




2 thoughts on “Gravestones and a Wedding Dress.

  1. This is eerily reminiscent of when I played Emily in “Our Town.” Can’t remember if I wore a wedding dress in the graveyard scene or not, but suddenly I’m reliving the whole thing and I’m 17 again, looking just a little suspiciously like you since I wore a”fall” that made my hair the same length as yours.

    P.S. Is this another case of “Trash the dress” – where photo sessions document the fall of the wedding dress from priceless treasure to sullied gown? Haha! I love your creativity.

    • If it were a dress trashing, I would be wearing it as my costume tonite in West Hollywood. *Which I am not. Haha. It is very Our Town-y though. “Goodbye, Grover’s Corners…”

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