Today’s my first day of “11 days until new head shots”. Which means: no eating/drinking of anything notorious for bloat-making: Coffee, booze, sugar, fun. SO, of course I’m fantasizing about the spinach salad I will make later that friggin amazing vegetarian sausage I had last week at Wurstküche in downtown LA.

People say downtown is dead after dark. But I had no idea how vibrant it is in the daylight. I was at a friend’s loft, on a modeling shoot (I know! What? I model t-shirts now for Fleet Street Scandal. Super cute!) — and we all decided to get our sausage-fest on. Being that I pass on the meat with legs, I thought I’d have sauerkraut/fries/mustard for lunch. (I do really love those things…)

But ohh no — Wurstküche did me a solid with a flavor-packed vegetarian smoked apple sage sausage. I piled it high with zingy ‘kraut and mustard, and chased that down with fries drenched in chipotle ketchup. Yum. There’s an extensive Belgian and German beer selection, but I stuck with water. I didn’t want to fall asleep in my sauerkraut.

If you’re stopping by at peak hours, you’ll have to wait your turn in line. But it’s worth it. You can grab a brew, chat with friends, and drool over the “Exotics” on the menu. Alligator & Pork Smoked Andouille Sausage might be just the ticket.



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