I was wearing a deep violet mermaid-cut gown with a bit of feathers and a plunging neckline (gotta show off what I got), waves of my hair loosely swept up, sparkly jewels dangling from my ears. I was linked arm in arm with my always stylish Grandma – who I promised to take to the Academy Awards, my left hand clutching the weight of the Oscar. Best Actress, Comedy. My Grandma and I were slinking around amidst a jubilant crowd of fabulously-dressed celebrity attendees, looking for a glass of champagne for me, and a snack for the both of us. We were laughing and greeting people with kisses and doing a horrible job of finding our way to the next room when someone said “When you’re ready to come back………..are you ready to come back?

My Grandma and I pause and look at each other. “No…(squeal!).”  We continued on into the night, until I had arrived at brunch the next morning. At a little cafe in my neighborhood. Just something simple. And incredibly fattening. Me, a few friends and Oscar.

Then I was ready to come back. To the room where I was lying comfortably on a massage table, soothing music playing, aromatic mugwort filling the room, a crystal on my forehead and a stone on my neck, warm and kind hands purposefully holding me.

I was in the midst of my first Reiki session. Daydreaming about my “Most Perfect Acting Day” at Kirsten’s suggestion.

My good friend Kirsten Calvo, a Master Reiki Healer, gifted me a session with her. I had no idea what Reiki was, but thought “I like massage and turning my brain off. So if it’s any of those things, I’m in!”

I can’t being to explain the intricacies of this healing work, but suffice it to say, it’s “RAY-kee” and it’s “AWE-some“.

Kirsten is a wonderful person. She is kind, loving and so very in tune with people and energy. An incredible listener. She gently guided me through breath work, daydreaming, focusing, clearing chakras, and relaxing enough to unblock the blocks, so to speak. I was excited to find out that Reiki involves touch. Essentially it is the healing “laying on of hands”. I’m a touchy, huggy person. And being single in LA, there’s not a lot of that going on. No one at the post office wants a hug (and I sure don’t want to hug anyone there…)

But for this hour, I would be lovingly touched. Encouraged to release the bad stuff and take in the good stuff.

What I came away with was an increased sense of openness. It IS actual energy work happening, so it’s exhausting on a level. Thoughts, emotions, hurt – it all gets riled up, as you go. I got teary. I also got really thirsty. We talked about what signals she was getting from me. Messages that came to her. It’s an incredible thing to share that with someone and have an actual healer speak those messages to you.

I wish I could work with Kirsten every day…



More about Kirsten’s work on her healing blog and also her amazing personal site (recipes, thoughts, joy in life!)



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