Mennonite Community Cookbook.

The holidays are upon us. And you’re probably thinking — guh… dumb old cranberry sauce? AGAIN??

Friends, I have the solution. A few carefully curated selections from this beauty of a cookbook in my Mom’s kitchen. There are rock solid standards in it (pie crusts, spaghetti sauce, things with corn). But then there are the true gems. Hidden amongst the eleven hundred (say what!) mouth-watering Mennonite favorites.

OK, this is Mennonite. This is Amish. Aaaand we’re ready.

First, an easy dish that will please even the pickiest of wiener eaters. “Pile” means pile.
Rice with marshmallows. And whipped cream. And also sugar and Diabetes.
Happy Geburtstaaaaaag! I made your favorite – rye bread and cottage cheese cake! Oh crap. I’m out of Geburtstagkuchen candles.
Create your own baby bird! (*It probably helps if the 1 egg has a baby bird in it already.)

Wondering what to do with leftover Thanksgiving smashies? Put some peanut butter in ’em! My Mom made this recipe once when I was a kid, although she doesn’t remember it and I remember it like she made it all the time. It’s… an acquired taste. But good on us all for trying new things! These actually look good. Simple, chewy, delicious. Like it demands they should be.
And ONE seasonal crowd pleaser. Kinda makes me wanna go pick some apples (You can totally do that near LA!) and get my Brown Betty on.
Bet you didn’t know how much you can do with a pile of mashed potatoes and a couple handfuls of sugar.



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