A Minute With Mindy Kaling.

After waiting patiently in Mindy Kaling’s book signing line, the last of us finally approached the table where she was seated. I assumed she’d be tired and annoyed with us fans. But with glittery nails and baubles and a huge smile, she said “Oh no! I can see the end of the line! I don’t want this to be over…”

I didn’t have anything interesting or witty to say. Something like “MindyIloveyoursenseofhumorandyou’resosmartandpretty“. She was gracious and funny and gorgeous in person. She talked briefly before the signing, doling out a little advice on writing and fashion and being popular (or not). And in LA, when you go to see one celebrity, you’ll likely see another. Know Tavi Gevinson, the 15-year-old style blogger? She was there too.
I always feel lucky to hang out with my lady heroes. They are always more beautiful in person. And twice as lovely.



2 thoughts on “A Minute With Mindy Kaling.

  1. That’s so cool that you got to chat with her. All of my book signing experiences have been variations on when we saw Tina Fey. Handlers rush you past as the writer scribbles their name for the hundredth time. So good for you!

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