$11 Lashes.

I’m about to go all Gwyneth Paltrow GOOP-y on you and recommend something as the best ______ in the world. I just shared it with a friend and I thought – hmm! Maybe other friends would like to know!

You’ve all heard about Latisse, the stuff you put on your lashes so you can look like Brooke Shields. Well, I was curious about it, mainly because I love wigs and fake eyelashes and Bambi. So, I tracked down a generic brand (for $11 vs $100 for the brand!) and in 4 months, there were noticeable lashes happening.

How to apply:
 My eyeballs did not change color, and I can still see perfectly. You just apply a couple drops with a small brush every nite and VOILA! You’re battin’ lashes away with a stick.

O-kaaay, so I never took a “before” photo. And my lashes weren’t hideous to begin with. But now they’re just more fun (wink!) What’s really fun is checking out at Target and having the cashier say “They’re are so pretty – are they real?” Knowing she sure wasn’t asking about my boobs, I said “Yes – thank you!”

We gotta keep our beauty secrets secret… Also, it’s less gross than saying “Well, my lashes are made of my own body hair, if that’s what you mean.”

Get em lashes here.



11 thoughts on “$11 Lashes.

  1. hmmm . . . I’ve actually been thinking about Latisse lately. This website you link to, it charges $25 for shipping and handling — is this where you get the product? And, do you have a prescription or is that a “formality?” p.s. tell Bob Newhart I say “hi!”

    • Hey Paige! I know – shipping sucks. But I usually order 3 bottles at a time (roughly a 4+ month supply), which still comes in under one bottle of Latisse. So, for me, it’s worth it. I’ve purchased from that site and had no issues with anything hokey going on. I also don’t have a prescription, but I’d love to see what one would look like “Patient dissatisfied with lash quantity and/or length. Would like to be more flirty in the eyes area.”

  2. I LOVE me some fake lashes and am a bit of a freak about mascara’s. I am definitely going to give this a run. I was given a free sample of the real stuff, but not enough to see if there was a difference. Can’t wait!

      • okay, the shipping to Alaska was more than the cost of the ointment. I hope it doesn’t freeze on the way and then I end up looking like Tammy Fae…. :)

        I’ll whip up a list of try and don’t try mascara for you soon Lauren. Love this blog, it is so inspiring to me to be more creative on a daily basis. Keep the visual candy comin! Need to remember there is life somewhere while in the middle of nowhere!

  3. Okay, I am going to give it a go also. I’m at that fabulous age where hairs thin or grow in all the wrong places. yum. By the way, I am a fan of tube mascara — such an easy removal, much gentler on the skin around the eyes. Lauren: ADC has a referral program, if you want to refer me, and save us each $5 on next orders, feel free!

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