I tried out a restaurant on my delivery “route”. Of course it’s upscale street food, but the menu is accessible by wallet and palate and hobos like me.

I thought Street was a skate shop until I was asked to go in to pick up a meal. I liked its understated, casual vibe. And could only imagine the food tasted as good as it smelled.

We sat at the bar — which, if the bartender is good, I feel is the most authentic seating to occupy in a restaurant. You get the best ordering tips, great conversation and what! Oh yes, a secret cocktail that’s not on the menu. That cucumber number up there? The “Green Goddess”: Mint, Lime, Cukes and a lil Juniper Gin. The drunk lady next to me made me try hers – and it was divine.

We kicked things off with a fascinating little dish. It’s their signature: toast with coconut jam, which you pick up and mash into a soft fried egg, with white pepper and dark soy.

I haaaaate drippy eggs. (I’m one of those people.) I can only stand them when I quickly mix them into what I’m eating and can convince myself it’s a “sauce”. This, was my second runny egg of the day! And it wasn’t asking to be mixed into anything. So. I bit the bullet and dipped my tiny sammy into the yolk. Sure enough, it was crazy good. Sweet, salty, toasty perfection.
Next, it was the wood roasted brussels and cauliflower with hazelnut vinaigrette (which I will be putting on everything I eat ever, starting now) and the crispy Fillipino-style shrimp lumpia. I have heard people saying “lumpia” lately. And I had to try it for myself. Dunk those sukka’s in the chile sauce and you’ll never go back to not-lumpia again.

Ok, these balls are amazing! The first, appear as soon as you’re seated. Puffed millet with marshmallows and tumeric, they taste like sweet curried Rice Krispy Treats. To round out our meal, we took a hint from our barkeep, who said this was her favorite dessert. Full of apples, spice and everything nice, it was the perfect (and festively seasonal) way to end our visit.

I’m hoping to s l o w l y work my way through the most popular restaurants I visit for work. I’ll be doing lots of sharing of the smallest plates, but still. It’s fun to try something new! Jar, you’ll have to wait. I don’t have $40 for a burger. Yet. *Sugar Daddies, please message me privately (wink!)



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