Drink 100% Grandma Love.

It’s almond water. Like the coconut water we see everywhere now, but with almonds. And not coconuts. The texture is the same, but the flavor is deeper and richer. And better (if you like almonds). I’m a fan of both, but the almond version is a fun diversion.

I discovered this at Monsieur Marcel (my favorite little French shop) at the Farmer’s Market at The Grove. Her descendants were handing out free samples of Grandma Victoria’s “love”.

Full disclosure, I bought this so I could get my parking validated. That said, Grandma’s love tastes delicious.
I don’t know about its hydrating health benefits, but almonds are traditionally thought of as “good”. And so is water. Shouldn’t the combination be heavenly?

Thank you Grandma Victoria.



2 thoughts on “Drink 100% Grandma Love.

  1. Wow, I love Monsieur Marcel. I go there every time I’m in LA to get this awesome fig brandy that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Especially Oregon. Now I have two things to buy next time I’m there.
    Always enjoy yur blog Lauren.
    Take care.


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