Flying trapeze.

{That’s not me. She’s a lady from my class. And she was really good.}

My friend Jack offered to take me to a free trapeze class on Santa Monica Pier with TSNY/Los Angeles. And of course I said yes. YES. Um, holy crap YESSS. I was super looking forward to doing something that I’ve never done before, am not supposed to be good at, and that has nothing to do with acting careers and the like.

I wanted to fly through the air “with the greatest of ease”. And the air would smell like awesome fried boardwalk churros.
The moment I thought maybe I hadn’t really thought this through.
Our ripped instructor buckles us into our harnesses which feel like 18th-century corsets. It helps curb the “acting like a big baby weenie” nerves, when I meet my fearless 6 year old classmate.

My turn!
It just looks pretty! (No it doesn’t). Also, the first few jumps off the platform feel unlike daily life body movements. Which is simultaneously blissfully freeing and also barfy.
I learned a trick! Stuff you’ve done on monkey bars finally pays off!

After 4 turns at flying, we each get to try a catch with one of the instructors. Like real trapeze artists! But with less carnies.

Here’s my photo diary to best express my thoughts:
If ever you get the chance to take even one whirl on the trapeze, do it. If you’re like me, you’ll scream like a little girl. And then like an adult. Because it is So. Much. Fun.


Photos of me by Jack Wells.

3 thoughts on “Flying trapeze.

  1. WOW!!!!!!! This reminds me of a certain young lady who jumped out of an airplane over the Swiss Alps in a blizzard and landed in a field of daisies. You ARE ‘totally rad’ and a ‘natural circus person.’ Have you considered stunt work?

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