Dirty {Fig & Vanilla} Vodka.

You guys, suffice it to say I was humbled by everything you had to say about my last post. I had no idea it would reach people like that. I am so hoping I see David again. He said he’d come by my work Friday. So. We’ll see. Of course I’ll let you know what happens…! (And post the drawing of Marilyn Monroe).

This has been the “Year of the Fig” for me. I never liked them before (my only previous experience was trying to eat around the insides of Fig Newtons, as a kid). I found this recipe on Sweet Paul and wanted to try it. It took a week. I wanted to offer you a truthful review, so I waited that entire length of time.

This just in: It’s !&@*$#% delicious.

And also brown. I don’t know why that was a surprise to me, but “simple minds….”  Is there a saying in there? “Simple pleasures for–” “Simple minds think alike–“? Bah.

Here’s how I did it for around $15. It’s a sipping vodka (pinkies out!), but it doesn’t have to be over the top spendy. Also, it felt like brewing my own booze, which was fun. And colonial-settler-y.
What you need:
– 1 bottle decent vodka (I got my Monopolowa at Trader Joe’s for under $10)
– One vanilla bean (Beware the bean racket! People know you need them and don’t know where to find them. Trader Joe’s sells 2 for $3)
– One pound dried figs. (TJ’s again! Under $3)
– A storage container for the infusion… I used a bowl with a lid. Janky — but successful!

What to do:
Put all the figs, the vodka, and one vanilla bean (cut in half lengthwise) into the storage container. Wait a week. Put just the vodka back in the original bottle you saved (right?). DONE!
I kept some of the figs from this experiment. They can be clearly classified as “drunken”. I plan to put them in my morning oatmeal (wink!).

And while the recipe calls for a fresh fig bauble on the rim of your glass, I find it hilarious to garnish your cocktail with a vanilla bean! Consider it an “I have craploads of money!” swizzle stick.

Fake it til ya make it.



5 thoughts on “Dirty {Fig & Vanilla} Vodka.

  1. i would come to visit, but i could never live there! besides, i’ve got all the work i could want right now here in little p-town!

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