I’m baaaaaa-aaaaack….!

YOU GUYS!!!!! WHAT??! Where have you been!!

OK, it’s me. I was gone for a hundred years and now I’m back! PHEW! It’s gonna be a really rad 2014, amiright??!

SO! I was all — how am I gonna get back into this blog in an organized manner. And I say, you know what? F-it. Here’s a photo recap to bring us up to date. WAY more info on all these stories, coming up. (I’ll wait for you to stop ogling my free airport Anderson Cooper bookmark…). Here’s everything that’s happened until this moment:

I shot a commercial in Portland and Cincinnati and I finally know how to spell Cincinnati! That’s me in front of my “star trailer”. Oh yes. Sweet success.
I even got to stay in a fancy hotel.
I visited my sis, bro-in-law and nephew Hud in Baltimore, MD! Here he is looking like a Christmas sausage.
I spent New Years in downtown Lancaster, PA with my parents!
I discovered the Lady is buying a house in my hometown. Sidenote, Caruso’s makes THE BEST tuna sub (hoagie, PA?) in the world. Ever.
I discovered Words With Friends! In my case, it should be named “Simple Words for Simple Minds”.
I went to the beach. In January. In a tank top. Everyone not in LA, you can hate on me (just a little – I’m sensitive…)…
I saw this lady in Ralph’s, Beverly Hills, shopping for wine, while eating turkey out of a deli bag. That is also her miniature cart. I’m kind of in love with her.
I drove by the Golden Globes AS they were happening WHILE I was working my delivery job. I saw lots of sparkly people.
I went off-trail and hiked up that hill. It looks totally easy from this angle, but not when you’re grasping onto loose grasses and tiny rocks for your life, by the top.
I dug through bags of Mischa Barton’s old clothes and got this Roberto Cavalli dress!


I started dating a really cool person.
That’s me texting pictures to my sister.

And now you know everything! I MISS YOU GUYS! So glad to be here with you again! I’m collecting a cornucopia of stories for you. You won’t be disappointed. Even though it’s the new year, it’s the same ole me, trying to do stuff in LA.

Ah, yes.




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