$20 to Brazil.

This week is BDAY week for my sister and me! I’m also attending a friend’s bday celebration at The Edison and a pre-Grammy party at Tru this week. SO. I wanted to get myself done beautiful. Starting with a little visit to a lovely lady named Cindy.

Cindy, who’s business card just says “Cindy”, is the best damn waxer in LA. She will do anything you want down south, for $20. She’s fast, she has a really understated sense of humor and a thick accent. You’ll be in and out in no time, your bikini bits feeling powder fresh. She works in a room in the back of a Persian hair salon. So after each visit, I always leave thinking…Y’know what, screw it – I should do a permanent. 

I got a roundtrip to Brazil while I was there. But Cindy and I did try a little experiment at first…

Cindy: “Tell your friend they can have design.”

Me: “Ok! (Trying to figure out if she means this or this and kinda hoping this) Liiiiike, what kind of designs?”

Cindy: “You can do………. triangle……… or square………”

Me: (Crossing my fingers for “lightning bolt”)

Cindy: “You can do heart…”

Me: ” — Heart??”

Cindy: “Heart. Yes.”

Me: “Can we try that?”

[Cut to me studying my heart in a hand mirror]

Me: “I — I don’t think I’m a hearts-in-this-area kinda girl, Cindy…”

Cindy: “Ok. Next time!”

This poster will be judging you while you suffer your beauty regimen.



Waxing by Cindy, 331 Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310-652-6596

2 thoughts on “$20 to Brazil.

  1. I’ve never gotten one! Will you go with me? Seriously, I’m scared. :( I think I need a stiff drink before I go but I don’t drink SO I need you to go with me! The end! (I think this will change my marriage!) ;)

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