— Not with those people! (Although, I bet the guy on the right is heaps of fun).

Tonight I’m flying away in an aeroplane to a TROPICAL ISLAND. What. The. Awesome. I have my nails did, a spray tan, two new Victoria’s Secret bikinis that I think actually use my stomach fat to simulate the appearance of cleavage, and kale chips for the plane. Because I’m trying to pretend like I won’t be eating and drinking my guts out for the next 10 days. But I will…

I know next to nothing about Puerto Rico. I’ve never been to any island unless you count Rhode. “So you can see the sun come up on one beach and set on the other beach??!” My questions are those of an underage illiterate mute. “You use US Dollars?” “I don’t need a passport?!” “Do you drink the water and should I?”

I don’t even really know what to look forward to! I’ll be meeting my boyfriend Ervin’s family and friends while I’m there. Living with them in the little town of Peñuelas on the southern coast. We’ll be hitting the beach, the little chinchorros for food and drink, and Old San Juan. And then we’ll also be working on Ervin’s Dad’s farm (…I’ve milked a cow. Once.). And hanging out on a cruise ship so we can visit with Ervin’s bestie who’s an on-board musician. (I did just watch that Italian cruise ship special on Dateline, so picture me wearing a life vest the entire time.)

I’ll be back in 10 days. So, see you in April with lots of stories. And maybe I’ll know a little Español by then. A girl can sueño. (–I don’t know...)




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