Uno Momento While I Collect Myself.

Hey guys! I’m writing to you from WORK! I don’t have any pics to share today and no stories (– yet. I’m saving all my Puerto Rico for an honest to goodness post).

I just wanted to tell you Ervin and I are back in LA! 500 lbs heavier, hair frizzier, a little less sober-ier, way happier.

Aaaaaand back to the grind. I’m working 2 jobs this week – freelance and the delivery job. So I barely have time to sleep. It’s been a bit of a culture shock coming home… I had no idea what level of stress I was used to. And the level of douchebaggery. (That goes out to the girl in the leggings-as-pants, parading around Oaks Gourmet last nite, doing and undoing her hair in a bun while relaying her latest shooting schedule to her sunglasses-at-night-and-inside friend, clear across the deli. That was after she nearly crushed a motorcycle, trying to park her giant SUV.) It’s all good. Pretty soon I’ll be used to it again and will hardly notice it.

No, no, no… I will always notice when people tuck shirts into leggings and act like it’s normal. It was normal when you were 3, and it was Smurf’s T-shirt jammed into your thick tights.

I keep scrolling through my iPhone pictures from my trip, devising ways to live in an adorable little hacienda in Old San Juan, PR. And spend every day floating in the warm sea.



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