Puerto Rico: Day 7 (The Beach Is Back.)

How could anyone possibly be hungry after everything we’d already eaten?! This is seafood by the sea. And smashy plantains and rice. Notice we left the beans. You can’t be filling up on legumes in an eating competition with yourself! (I win!)

Day 7 was bright and sunny! We woke up early to drive to the west coast and hit the BEACH. (Yessssss gimme summa that SPF 70!) First a pit stop for the local daily special (see above). Then we passed by some huge factories. Puerto Rico’s number one industry is pharmaceuticals. And also rum. One heals your heart, one heals your soul. Both kinda go to town on your livers, but who’s counting.

“Someone” had to stop for a pee break. (It’s like a daytime Sasquatch sighting).

We drive through some salt mines. Or fields. Salt deposits. And then… do I dare believe my eyes?!
What is that, blue-green-turquoise-seafoam-teal-aquamarine-pthalo (ugh, art school ruined me with colors) water and a powdery beach?! We hiked up to this lighthouse and to the edge of the Earth.
Someone must have been using these rocks as a paint palette. Or the seagulls are getting into some weird garbage.
We finally get to test out our swimsuits on some bona fide ocean. It’s like a salty, swimmy bath with soft sand, gentle waves and a few random seaweeds and shells that clumsily pass by your legs, to remind you that you’re in the wild. This is La Playa Sucia. “Dirty Beach”. Whoever named this must have seen some damn fine beaches in his day, to call this one dirty. 

I ran out of the water to get my phone to take some pics.

What? NO! Of course I wouldn’t bring my phone into the water. That would be really stupid. What if I dropped it or —
“Cheeeeeese!” What? I didn’t drop it. It’s totally fine! And it’s probably all the sand on it that will do the real damage. {Crunch}

After a few hours of swimming and trying to float (I am the worst), we hiked back to the car to head into a small nearby town.
This is a painting in the bar, OF the bar. I liked it a lot.
And this was a street dog that came up to me and I petted (of course), until I heard Ervin quietly saying to me across the bar “Hey Babe, we don’t usually touch those dogs…” Whatever this little pup could give me couldn’t top what that rabbit already forced upon me.
We took our beers and walked out to the beach to watch the sunset. Some Queen was playing in the bar next door. This is the thing I liked so much about Puerto Rico. The temperature and the vibe of island living. I brought about 5 pairs of heels on this trip. And I only wore them in the airport, just so my luggage would be under 50 lbs. The rest of the time, I was in flip flops and sandals. And SHORTS. I never wear shorts en publica. The windows are always open, fans spinning. The inside and outside are almost the same. Like saloon doors – welcoming you either direction.

We walked on the docks, and watched the sun sink into the ocean.


4 thoughts on “Puerto Rico: Day 7 (The Beach Is Back.)

  1. Lauren, I so love how you have documented this trip and shared it with us! So beautifully written and hilarious too…of course. I’m so happy you got to go do this. Love you! xo

    • Someday we will go together – to your other homeland! (Still love you, Australia). Hopefully we’ll both know a little Español by then. Hahaha. XO!

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