Puerto Rico: Day 10 (Ye Olde San Juan)

This was the day I found the litter of dead puppies.

I’m kidding. They’re just sleeping. I tried to take a picture to show how cute they were, but this just makes them look…not…good.

So, I totally thought I had 10 days of photos. But I have 11. I have done the math forwards and backwards and sideways and I still come up with one more day than I thought. Whaaa? Anywho. I’m going with it.

We decided to spend our last nite in PR in San Juan, so that we could easily catch our flight the following morning. So we packed up our treats and trinkets in Peñuelas, said our goodbyes, and drove north to the big city. I was eager to get my eyes on some of the old architecture. I was going to get my money’s worth, in less than 12 hours of a visit.
Oh yeah. Ohhhhhh yeah. Gimme some of that colonial Puerto Ricooooo! A short, inacurate (but who’s checking) history lesson: PR was first to be discovered (and landed on many times and also attacked) on the eastern shore of the US States and islands just south of it. So things in PR are crazy old.

I come from Lancaster, PA, also crazy old. But this was even older. People died in the 1500’s here. And then made markers to prove it. Mine would have said “In 500 years, you’re gonna think I’m so friggin OLD, silver space people.”

Old San Juan is colorful, vibrant, energetic, (touristy) and foodie. We dropped our bags off at the hotel overlooking the cruise ships and walked around town.
Oldest street in America! (New England cries a frustrated tear). Look at them cobbles.  Oh! And look at that hot pink pedicure — still good after 10 days of flip flops and sandy beaches. Thank you, Sun Nails, Silverlake!

OK, eyes up here:
We walked by the very home of the piña colada! Which I thought would have been invented by someone with either part of that in their name. Ricki Colada! Something! Our dear friend Coco Lopez is in on it, though.

We emerged from the quaint winding streets, to the sunset over the ocean. Vast lawns of people. Flying kites!
Ahhhh, the splendor.

Hold up. What is this…As night fell, things became way more meat-y. Tourists flocked to fancy restaurants for local seafood and signature cocktails. We kept it budge-y (budgety?) by hitting up some food carts. Meat on sticks, meat in sandwiches, meat on other meat. That’s how you know you’re in Puerto Rico.We waited in long lines, philosophizing about life. This is the part where Ervin spotted a Royal Caribbean ship leaving the harbor and said “Transformers!” and we couldn’t stop laughing. You have to admit – the logos (Royal / Transformers) are really similar. And how awesome would it be to be on a Transformers cruise line!

I nearly snorted meat through my nose.

You know it’s been a long day when you have  to get a picture of the three-headed mayo bottle.

We sat on a bench, people-watching, and stuffing our faces with one of the sandwiches we ordered (we never ate the other one), while Transformers set sail into the great unknown. OK — it’s the Atlantic Ocean, but it’s not as romantic to name names.

Last day of Puerto Rico coming up next! What the heck am I gonna post about after this!?



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