Puerto Rico: Day 11 (Adios, Mi Otra Patria! *and a really small chihuahua.)

Last day of Puerto Rico! Ugh, bummer. Now I’ll have to get back to living in the Continental US…

This is really like a bonus 1/4 day, because our flight left at noon. So, we woke up early to explore San Juan by foot, for a few hours. I wore shorts to celebrate.

One thing no one mentions, is the number of cats lazing about pre-9am in Old San Juan. They are. Everywhere. One on every car, under every bush, in the middle of every street.
Memoryyyyy… All alooone in the moonliiiiight…I can smiiile at the ooooold daaaays… I was beautiful thennnnn…” ( – from Cats! Weirdest musical of all time.)

We walked the walls of the old fort, overlooking the ocean. Old cemeteries. The smelly pee sentry box…
We wove our way back through the neighborhoods, wishing the stores were open early (me), trying to find a decent postcard (me), and hunting for our last bit of pan fresca caliente (I want that to mean “hot fresh bread”), before the flight.

I snapped some pics. The city is truly picturesque.And then we found a house for sale! Limeade dream house on a cute block with the perfect “cosmopolitan island” cafes, bars and boutiques. This place could be ours!! — For only a few bazillion Puerto Rican quarters.
We stopped for coffee in a small restaurant. The bread was “ok” (That’s a quote from Ervin. Me – I just like bread all the time, whatever it is – rye, Wonder, zucchini…)
I read an interesting article in the morning paper.
“Look at this tiny dog!” Mi no understando the rest of the article.

These were the last remaining hours of vacation. And what to do after coffee and a sandwich…

Yes. And thank you.
 Then it was time to go. Time to pack up my 70-pound bag and my illegal sea creatures and head to the aeropuerto. We shared a taxi from the hotel, with two women who were actually on that cruise we visited. Then at the airport, I had to remove a few things from my obese bag so it would be under 50 lbs. Namely, my wooden platforms. And I carried some and wore the others. Like Charo, just gettin’ on a plane.

This was the most loveliest trip to an island I’ve ever taken! The only one… but, all future travels: beware. You will be strictly compared to Puerto Rico in three divisions: Meat, Bread and Most Deadliest Cocktails.
Thanks for traveling with me, you guys! It’s back to the grind here in LA…. I’m working some freelance this week, as well as my food delivery job. So it’s a busy one. But I like money, so I’m on board.

I’m hoping this week to show you some behind the scenes of my commercial shoot (including one smoky Torani Bacon cocktail), and how to celebrate a one-year-FRIENDIVERSARY with an awesome girl and Miley Cyrus’ dog! Yeah, you heard me.



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