Torani Commercial Shoot.

Just another day by the pool… of my $20 mil mansion… overlooking, oh… just the gorgeous San Francisco skyline and – what’s that? Ah ha ha… Silly Golden Gate. And you, sailboats… you remind me of when people had no money and had to use the elements for transportation. Wind! Hilarious. How are my investments! Mink! Golden things! Oh, life… (sipping mint julep).

So, THIS is the location for the Torani commercial shoot I did in Tiburon, CA. A family’s home up in the hills. With panoramic views, a $10,000 front door and some expensive stone all over the floors and patio that I heard will stain if in contact with things such as Kool-Aid.

It feels fabulous to do an all-expenses paid shoot in a different town. Especially when you’re greeted at the airport by a driver, holding a sign with your name on it. (Even spelled right!) I made Marcus – our driver – pose with our signs. It looks like he’s giving me the finger, but I’m sure that’s just… an accident… Marcus?
And then, after trying to play it cool in my first ever car service ride, I decided it’s no fun to act all LA-actor-y. Again, I tested Marcus’ professional boundaries. He was a great sport.
We arrived at the hotel and I scoped out my room. Big white fluffy bed, adorable L’Occitane lotions and shower things…
Bathroom SCALE?!?! For a minute I wondered if the producer had placed this in my room as a reminder. I promised myself I wouldn’t use it. I wouldn’t be the person who does that!I did though.

Then, I decided I needed a walk. I had a few hours to kill before meeting up with the director and producer for dinner. So I walked around cute, wealthy Tiburon.
After getting my eyes on a few quaint places for wine tasting, chocolate, ice cream, and margaritas, all I wanted to do was throw that scale out the hotel window and indulge! But. There’s a certain awareness that washes over you when you know you’re gonna be on camera all day.

So, I did the responsible thing. Drank a bunch of water, and went to bed. (LAAAAAME!) I heckled myself.
The next day, I woke up bright and early to allow enough time for my eyes to adjust to the world, before leaving for set.

And since “set” was a fancypants mansion in the hills, if all else went to hell, the view would be spectacular!

We did our first scene where my “husband” mixed up a coffee drink with Torani hazelnut syrup. In that scene I was supposed to walk in and steal his coffee as I left for work. In one take, we didn’t make contact with the mug and it went careening toward the floor where it shattered into pieces the size of fine sand.

It nearly destroyed the first 3 hours of shooting. But then another yellow mug appeared! Almost like the first one.

I wasn’t allowed to hold it.
Here was my rock. Sparkly! And fake! And get a load a them hi def hand wrinkles! And also the little hairs on my knuckles. In high school Biology with Mr Beaver, he taught us that that’s a genetic thing – hair on fingers. And then he’d ask who had hair on their fingers. And no one ever raised their hands. I wasn’t about to reveal my Sasquatch hands — I was in HIGH SCHOOL. The last thing I wanted was for people to think I’ve grown some sort of freaky fur-fingers.

UGH, it feels so good to finally say it…
I met up with hair/makeup/wardrobe to get all done up. The wardrobe girl works in NYC with models for print, usually. I am classified as “lifestyle”. Which is “average people”. With mother loving hair on their fingers.

I was obsessed with this house.

How often are you spending a day in a place like this! I imagined myself having a party there. How I would be so stressed out about red wine and the floors. Maybe I would turn into the kind of person that makes people take their shoes off in my house — even though that’s usually part of the outfit, and if you’re a shorter gal like me, heels help you feel like you’re finally workin those corgi legs. So, no. Shoes on if you want em!
It was a super long shoot day. I ate one light meal and drank like 3 sips of water. We weren’t allowed to have even water in that house. But we got it all shot! Wardrobe changes and all. Four different Torani spots.

I rewarded myself with over-priced wine at the airport bar.

But look who came home with me….!
I like it so much I let it sleep in my bed.

Thank you Torani for the bottle of bacon syrup! I always find typically-solid things in liquid form – odd. But this is kind of amazing. I’ve tried a splash of it in a café con leche. DELICOUS. And a dash in a whiskey + gingerale. DIVINE.

I’m their newest fan! And it’s not just because I work for them.



16 thoughts on “Torani Commercial Shoot.

  1. I think it would have been much more dramatic if you’d walked into the kitchen and thrown the hot coffee in your husband’s face. But I guess you don’t get to write or direct these things, do you? Love the pic of you and driver in car. :)

  2. Loved reading this Lauren!!! So funny, as usual and it was fabulous to see the spectacular house you shot at! Holy moly! I can’t wait to see the commercial! Love you!
    p.s. I like your hairy hands. ;)

  3. LOVE it, Lauren!!! Congratulations! I used to go to Tiburon to fantasy house hunt in my crappy Volkwagen Rabbit when I lived in Marin. WOO! Miss you, Girl XOXO

    • Jordi, some day you and I will own a tandem mansion in the hills of Tiburon where we can fly your VW Rabbit (it will be outfitted with helicopter features) from the deck by our Olympic sized lagoon pool. A girl can dream.

  4. I laughed many times reading this, so thank you for that :) Can’t wait to see the commercial – how exciting is that!!! Loved the pictures and your words :) I think I have that same gene ;)

  5. Lauren – you did a fabulous job and we are thrilled with the commercials. They’re being edited and look absolutely wonderful. You nailed the expressions and were a job to work with. And, who knew you could write too! Thanks again for making our shoot so easy. We really enjoyed getting to know you. Julie and the Torani Marketing Team

    • Julie! Thank you so much! It was a total blast. I can’t wait to see the final spots ;) Thank you for reading, too! I so appreciate it. Hope to work with you guys again soon!

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