Skyping with Hudson.

You guys. Today, in the midst of my freelance and before heading off to my delivery job, I went on an internet date. With an extraordinarily handsome man. And his Mom. He’s a bit of a momma’s boy at the moment, but he has like THE best personality ever.

My sister set up this Skype date for us! It’s something we call “Skype-y Hour”. Before this little guy came along, Les and I would have our glasses of wine and talk about life, coast to coast. (This time, she was the one with the wine!) I wish I could hug my family. But I gotta say, Skype makes things a little better…

I wanted to share these pics with you. My sister, my nephew Hud, and me (in the tiny box in the corner).
Close up! And yes, I did kiss the computer monitor on the forehead.This is a baby alien, but I kept it because my sister’s so pretty!!Focus.He tries on my sister’s hair like a live wig. I think he looks like a little Asian man.Hud’s new thing is waving. We tried desperately to get him to do it during this chat. I tried everything, including saying “baseball” in a Cookie Monster voice. My sister told me to do it. And Hud looked right into the camera and held his hand out.

I don’t know what kind of Baseball Cookie Monster he’s living with, but they are soulmates.An almost-wave! I’ll take it!This was the best thing about my day. Thank you Les! Hud warmed my beat up little heart this afternoon.

I have the best sister.



3 thoughts on “Skyping with Hudson.

  1. Okay I just got my dose of coffee with extra, extra SUGAR! He is so damn sweet! What a great post to wake up to! Thanks L. And Les looks so beautiful too! Thank God for Skype! xo.

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