I haven’t had much sleep. And I’m this close to like laughing hysterically at nothing, or punching someone in the pie hole.

This always always makes me laugh. I have seen it a zillion times and I cannot keep a straight face when the Brontos come in…

I also totally remember playing this original theme in high school orchestra (I played cello!) and being all excited because it was an actual song that we knew from a movie! Etudes and elegies, kiss my ass. This was the MAIN song from that dinosaur movie that made me wanna be an aspiring dinosaur science person for a few days!

Here’s a different version:

Got anything that always makes you laugh? Cuz I need it.




9 thoughts on “Melodica.

  1. I wasn’t going to comment, because I thought you might start thinking “Seriously, does this girl have nothing better to do all day than read and comment on my blogs?”, but the email for your post won’t delete! I saw it as a sign.
    So here’s something that always makes me laugh, especially when I hear someone say the word “wild”. It’s a blast from the past, and from the very funny UK, so enjoy:

    And P.S. the answer is yes, but I love your blog and make time. ;)

  2. I put on my headphones and watched this at work. I laughed so hard I snorted and all my co-workers heard it*. So THANKS FOR THAT Lauren!!!!!

    *Damn you open office plan and high ceilings

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