Roadtrip to Pixar.

You guys, I saw “Brave” this weekend. Spoiler alert: There’s this space creature that comes to Earth and visits this little boy and he likes Reese’s Pieces and the little boy hides him but one time he gets drunk and the frogs are set free and then he ends up turning white and laying in this creek and then he’s ok and this flower comes back to life and eventually he goes home with the other E.T.’s in the spaceship.

So. Act surprised when you see “Brave” and it’s nothing at all like that, ok?

This weekend I was cordially invited by my friend Piper – who’s now a manager on a future feature (Wooo!) – to visit Pixar and go to the fabulously exclusive, expensive, super fun wrap party. Due to privacy issues (i.e. I don’t wanna end up in Pixar prison, although it does seem like it would be clean and well-appointed), I can only pretty much relay what went on before and after the party. But. You’ll get the idea.

Ervin and I drove up to Oakland Friday afternoon. That’s us, up top. I think the picture conveys “I love animated movies.” We drove straight to Pixar to see a screening of Prometheus. This was Piper’s first time meeting Ervin, so this was his visitor’s badge! *Which was not at all confusing when the gate guard was asking us to spell our last names:A photo with everyone’s favorite Monsters and also Sully and Mike Wazowski.

That nite, we headed into “the city” SF and met up with my friend Lucy (HI LUCY!) at Toronado. We easily downed a Rosamunde sausage and two beers, before our eyes were closing. G’nite! Why is I-5 like a friggin tranquilizer! I’m getting old.

Saturday, we got cinnamon-y “morning buns” at La Farine and headed up north to The Napa Valley – beautiful, luscious wine country  – for the wrap party! We were spending the night, post-party, in this adorable house on its own vineyard. There were no grapes on the vines, but I still like to think I “lived on a vineyard” for a day.
My vineyard makes whiskey. Then Nora made us some badass signature cocktails and we hustled to get ourselves prettied up.Piper applied a white mustache for the occasion. I’m kidding. It’s Nair. And she said I can post this. Because she is awesome. And in reality, she has nothing to Nair in the first place. We clean up nice. The movie’s Scottish, ya’ll. In case you were wondering…

THEN, it was off to the castle! The party took place at Castello di Amorosa, which, if you like castles and wine, you should totally check out! Gorgeous courtyards and towers to make you feel like you’re back home in Italy. Or the Ren Faire.Piper and Leslie strike a completely candid pose. Which way is the gym? Back… like, back that way behind my back – the way I just came from?Last chance to repent. For what you did, or what you’re about to do. Does that count? I didn’t grow up Catholic.Thennnnn we were inside. Where we did so much —And OMG, there was —And you will not beLIEVE— Oh wait. That’s I-5 South. Not a party. Time to head home.

It was an awesome weekend. Thank you Piper! And Pixar. “Brave” is fantastic. Go see it. That’s all I’m sayin’.



10 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Pixar.

  1. That trip sounds amazing! You do lead a glamarous life Lauren Bair. So fun fact- Polly who was staying with me last weekend, her bfriend also attended that screening of Prometheus on Friday! How funny. I saw it on Sunday and thought it quite good, especially since my boyfriend Michael Fassbender was in it so much! xoxo

    • Hahahaha. Soon to be Michael Fassbender Slonecker! That is so weird that Polly’s bf was there too! I love stuff like that. Science movies, I mean ;) Just kidding. Mainly, I love aliens shooting in and out of people. Is that so wrong? XOXO

    • Thanks Chris! I’m totally stalking you guys on FB, so I know you’ve been up to your own awesome adventures… ;) I’m not jealous. OK. A little bit.

  2. Whether or not you approached them or ran away to hide behind a plant…did you see any Ringling alum? (I hid behind a booth at a design conference to avoid someone who shall remain nameless)

    • OMG I was at that design conference and I didn’t…see…you. Hahaha. That’s hilarious. I only saw Luke Martorelli! There were so many people there, I hardly ran into anyone I knew. I remained anonymous ;)

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