Your Prized Opinion.

I’m thinking of writing a book. (!)

About stuff that happens in LA. From a struggling actress’s (–um, it’s me) point of view. One that hasn’t “made it” yet. So, there won’t be that awesome “PHEW! Good thing she stuck with it!” payoff at the end. It will be straight up: challenges, awkwardness, terror, death-defying-ness, mild sexiness, late rent paying, short stories, illustrations of pointless things, photos, maybe a fold-out shooting target, possibly scratch-n-sniff, confessions, secrets, lies and MAYBE a vampire if you choose that adventure – but he dies right away, so don’t pick that one.

WOULD YOU GUYS READ IT?!? I know you read this (thank you!!). But would you read a book. It would be less bloggy and more short stories-y. With an emphasis on the hilariously entertaining.

Because who wants to read a book about life in the trenches, if it’s all crying and cutting.

I like to think I can spin a good tale.

Lemme know…




13 thoughts on “Your Prized Opinion.

  1. YES, and you can illustrate it too!!! :D I love reading your blog. I find it sobering and amusing and honest… very adorable. maybe you can make it a memoire… or something. Anyhow, I vote yes, and I also don’t think you need anyone’s opinions.. just do it! :D

  2. Definitely! You have a great writing style; self-deprecating and engaging at the same time. An artistic way of approaching things. Maybe you will then be encouraged to write one about your sister too someday?
    (p.s. I like pizza scratch & sniff stickers)

    • Thank you! And I’m sure I’ll have some stuff about BOTH of my sisters in there ;) And oh my goodness. PIZZA scratch n sniff was like smelly Nirvana in elementary school. I think I was high on that, and Mr. Sketch markers straight up until 5th grade.

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