Coco & Ruby Shoot.

It’s like I’m all nervous to get my photo taken with my two favorite characters at Disneyland. It’s COCO & RUBY! Starring the sassy and talented duo: Courtney Freed as Coco and Rebecca Johnson as Ruby! Just two gals from the 1940’s, livin’ the dream in modern day Hollywood.

I played a chick from present day. Jaded, drab, cynical present day. It’s enough to make you wanna travel back to panty-hose-ration times. And to calling them panty hose.

The girls gracefully demonstrate how unglamorous the world of acting can be. Even when you love it, it’s work. That day there were bees, hot sun, nosey neighbors lurking in the background – staring all creepy like they’re watching TV.

It was a quick Sunday morning shoot for me! With pastries, coffee, make-up and a bit of time to snap some pics of Rebecca’s adorable house in Atwater Village. It’s an updated 1920’s place with hardwood floors and a ghost cat. Yeah. Ghost cat. 

These portraits are flea market finds, beginning new lives above Rebecca’s sofa.

Rebecca has this Old Hollywood, eclectic, vintage, glamorous actress aesthetic. And it all fits together perfectly.

Courtney and Rebecca have such a cool project going on. They’re mega talented singers and actors — and hilarious to boot. Check it out. You’ll be Team Coco & Ruby in no time.

Thanks for the shoot, ladies!!



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