I Love Oysters. These Oysters, Anyway.

Before I ever arrived at this brunch, I knew I loved two things: Kirsten and Carlos Calvo. OK, and champagne. But there was a fourth guest at this soirée who I wasn’t totally sure about. Oysters. Party of, like, 48.

It was Kirsten’s birthday brunch! A lovely intimate gathering in the Calvo’s back yard… with all – I tell you, all – the fixin’s. Namely, bottomless champagne, fresh salads…and oysters. Aphrodisiac of the gods. Because who else but a superhuman could really enjoy a raw sea creature that tastes like ocean and feels like Jell-O and then feel like gettin’ it on.

But I love Kirsten. And if she loves oysters… (yikes) so do I. At least for her birthday. Oh – what? Hello, cheese and bread…

Finally the time came to take the plunge. These oysters are from the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and they are fresh as morning dew. Which is how they’re supposed to be eaten.

Carlos makes quick work of the oyster opener. It says “easy to use”, with an illustration of baby hands, but you wanna be a pro if you’ve enjoyed, perhaps, a birthday cocktail…prior to knife wielding.

I took one to be polite. And I ate the rest because I was addicted. There is NOTHING like a spankin’ fresh oyster with a little zingy garnish! I’ve had a room temperature oyster shooter at a cocktail party. Gross. And now I’ve had the majesty of the sea. I get it! I’m weird with textures – and I liked it. Seriously, give it a try.

Do it, for me. I wanna know that I changed someone’s life, oyster-wise.

The Calvo’s house is mesmerizing too. Their bathroom is huge – like in Sex and the City. And look at this cinematic light streaming into their kitchen. It’s a sign. Good things come from the Calvo’s house. They are awesome. Their parties are awesome…

I’m looking forward to their Oktoberfest this fall. ‘Tis legendary, I hear. I’ve always been out of town for it. But I got all OCD about it this year and typed it into my phone calendar. An event I will plan around. 

Thank you Kirsten and Carlos for a lovely afternoon at your home!

It seriously is too bad sausage isn’t an aphrodisiac. That, I could get behind.



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