Lunch Under The Hollywood Sign.

Someone spam-commented on my blog and said “I like you content u have going here. My husband also I like you information on generic viagra. Do you consider guest post on subject?” So, I thought — hmm… Generic Viagra post by spamming computer-couple in Nigeria, OR super cute place to get brunch under the Hollywood Sign.

Well, dearest readers (hey – zip up your pants!) Welcome to a little place called Hollywoodland.

My roommate Chris and I decided to try out this place on a roommate lunch date in the hills. It used to be a little coffee shop, but has since had an extreme makeover restaurant edition. It’s now the Beachwood Cafe, on a little shopping block up Beachwood Canyon. You can have a bite, do some antiquing, get your pants hemmed, and then pick up a few groceries next door on your way to Instagram the Hollywood sign.

There are kitchy little dioramas set into the walls, Mary Blair-esque patterns on the tiles and wallpaper. Buttery yellows, sky blues, lots of space to linger over coffee and a sandwich.

I gave the Fez Bowl a spin. It was delicious. Chris got the burger. We could hardly be stressed out about life in LA, over this satiating dish. Is it just me or are those tiny Peter Rabbit carrots more fun to eat than regular carrots.
Thumbs up. Everything’s better under the Hollywood Sign.



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