Patriotic Marshmallow Eagle Heads!

Need something to go with your July 4th sparklers? Wanna be the most popular kid at the BBQ? Whip up a batch of these ultra patriotic – and mega simple – marshmallow Eagle heads! And then sit back and watch them become instantly extinct.

I made these one year for my friends Nate and Lara’s backyard BBQ. These bird heads will amaze any and all drunk persons as well as everyone else who will just admire your super USA pride. If possible, speed-sing the National Anthem while you present these Eagles for maximum shock and awe.

I’m not patriotic. But I like a good deranged incarnation of the Bald Eagle. Always portrayed as strong and powerful, this recipe inevitably reveals the Eagle’s… softer, slightly confused, mentally unstable side. It’s all in the eyes.
What you need:
– Marshmallows
– White chocolate chips
– Oreos (I used the Target brand that literally un-sandwiches itself)
– Shredded Coconut
– Cashews
– Black decorator’s icing

What to do:
Melt the white chocolate chips according to the bag instructions, dip marshmallow in the chocolate, roll in coconut (leave bottom coconut-free), place on top of Oreo, poke a Toothpick hole where the cashew nose will go, insert cashew into hole, draw eyes and angry Eagle eyebrows with the icing. America!They are really forgiving. I consider it a success when they look insane. What could be more festive than a group of disturbed Eagles. Nothing. The answer is nothing.

We released one back into the wild.
Happy July 4th week! I hope you all have off on Wednesday! I’m hustling on freelance art stuff this week (along with my other job), so I know I’m totally looking forward to a mid-week day at the beach!

And I’m sure the rest of LA will be there as well.



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