INTERN: Upright Citizens Brigade LA.

I recently became a design intern for Upright Citizens Brigade LA! It is awesome because I can earn free improv and sketch writing classes there, by doing art stuff. Dear Universe, I agree – it’s super weird that I’m supporting my acting with my art. Dear Parents – I know what you’re thinking about me working the rest of my life because I have no savings.

I’ve been on the UCB Intern-wanna-be list for over a year. It began when I first took Improv 101. I actually thought I would never be chosen – I don’t know anyone personally (Does obsessively watching Amy Poehler on TV count?). But I so desperately want to finish up the program at UCB, even though it’s spendy for a gal on a shoestring. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to earn my way.

Most interns work at the theatre, taking tickets for shows and cleaning and that kind of thing. I would have been happy to do that. BUT, what I am doing is working for the UCB Corps organization. It’s improv people doing volunteer work in the community: No shows, no performing. Just being genuinely awesome people and reaching out. I put together some posters for a weekly gardening event. Every Friday, a group gets together to tend a garden in Koreatown. The produce feeds people in need. It’s a cool thing. Or a good thing. What does Martha Stewart say?
There’s also another event coming up (I’m interning at this one!) where we’ll be going to the The Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, CA. There’s a lot of dry brush surrounding the center and in case of a wildfire, the gibbons cannot be evacuated. So! What we’ll be doing is clearing the brush. We also get a tour of the facility. I hope this is baby gibbons season. I wanna cuddle with them all.

I did this poster for that event:
So if you’re in LA… specifically – if you’re inside The Upright Citizens Brigade building, maybe you’ll see one of these puppies up on the wall. If you do, sign up for the UCBCorps FaceMailTwitterBook!

It’s such a cool way to show the world that not every actor is a self-centered a-hole. And feel good doing it!



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