My Nephew Is Cooler.

This is my nephew Hud. A storm knocked out the power at my sister’s house in Baltimore this past week, for days – almost a week, so far. *That happened to be 100 degrees.

Hud shows us that beating the summer heat is no sweat. Even while rocking sausage-link arms and a puffy diaper. Cool is cool.

Happy Friday.



Photo by my sister (or my brother in law)

4 thoughts on “My Nephew Is Cooler.

  1. WavIng at you from the rooftop pool at Petit Ermitage. Still being spoiled for birthday!

      1. Thanks! The Petit Ermitage is awesome! Wish I’d taken more pics, but I was too busy sipping cocktails and trying to tan my see-through-white skin!
        Will let you know when I’m heading up to LA sans The Husband and we can meet for a drink or something. You’re a client, right? Or so I can tell the accountant…

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