My Nephew Is Cooler.

This is my nephew Hud. A storm knocked out the power at my sister’s house in Baltimore this past week, for days – almost a week, so far. *That happened to be 100 degrees.

Hud shows us that beating the summer heat is no sweat. Even while rocking sausage-link arms and a puffy diaper. Cool is cool.

Happy Friday.



Photo by my sister (or my brother in law)

4 thoughts on “My Nephew Is Cooler.

      • Thanks! The Petit Ermitage is awesome! Wish I’d taken more pics, but I was too busy sipping cocktails and trying to tan my see-through-white skin!
        Will let you know when I’m heading up to LA sans The Husband and we can meet for a drink or something. You’re a client, right? Or so I can tell the accountant…

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