We Like Fire.

Last year, I spent the fireworks portion of July 4th, lying in my bed feeling sorry for myself and my checking account. This year, I decided to do it in public! Actually, I was feelin pretty good. Thank you, bottle of wine that no one was sharing with me… USA!

Ervin, Jorg and I were invited to a house party in the eclectic Silverlake hills. I was in wedges (bad idea). I didn’t know there would be rock climbing in the back yard. And this a-ma-zing view of downtown and Dodger Stadium. Thanks to some a.m. holiday kickboxing, that beforementioned bottle of vino, and my inappropriate choice of shoe, I couldn’t use my legs so good.

But we were there to watch things blow up! A few illegal fireworks of our own, and the Stadium show in the distance… pyromaniacal livin is easy. Some party pics:
…I liked her 60s summer thing.Movies projected on the wall, a fire pit with S’mores fixins, oranges overhead. LA doesn’t let you go without getting a little magic on ya.Ervin and Jorg. Bored with once-a-year merriment? Play with your split ends.Ker-pow!



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